Sunday, November 21, 2004

Silicon Archeology

Stuff Weasel and I ended up with lately......

1) Apple Macintosh (m0001) Computer [mint condition]
2)External SCSI CD-ROM (CHINON CDA-431)
[Ser # U2002587 // Man. Feb 91]
3)DataDesk Intl Model 1100 Keyboard for PC or Macintosh
4)Apple Computer Keyboard Model M0110a
5)Kensington Trackball Model 62358 Version 3.0
6)External 800k Floppy Disk Drive
Made by Ehman Engineering
7)AlfaData Mouse for Amiga or Atari (missing mouse ball)
8)Atari 520ST (STFM?) [Serial Number a172b1003366]
9)Fodors USA Guide Book (Broderbund Edition) 1990
10)Atari joystick qzpass (serial # 654311)
11)"Under a Killing Moon" Video Game (starring James Earl Jones)
Macintosh [4 cd's]
12)Clinical Pharmacology Software Package (1996) Mac
13)Rand McNally Consice Atlas of Europe (From Carmen Sandiego)
14)IMSI Cad Symbols Book 1995
15)World Almanac 1993
16)Algeblaster Plus Manual Apple II
17)Using FileMaker Pro (mac) Manual
18)Dollars and Sense Users Manual (Mac)
19)Trauma One Manuals (Mac)
20)Blood Gases Software and Manuals (Mac)
21)Touchbase Pro and Datebook Pro (Mac)
22)"Son of Stupid Mac Tricks" Book (Mint)
23)World Almanac 1992
24)Heroes of Might and Magic Game (Mac) 1995 (68040+)
25)"Stupid Mac Tricks" (Mint)
26)1st Word Plus Manuals
27)Playmaker Football UserGuide
28)Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy Game (Macintosh) 1984

We have an entire truckload of good interesting stuff, more will be posted almost every day this week. As usual, all of this is available for sale or trade, send inquiries to micker|at|gmail|dot|com


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